New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

Happy New Moon!

This New Moon in Leo is also a Black SuperMoon!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

A black moon is similar to a blue moon… and like the blue moon, the definitions can get a little confusing. A black moon is typically seen as the fourth new moon in a season, (normally there are three) or when there are two new moons in one month, like what is happening this month!

This New Moon is also a Super Moon! This means that the moon is closer to the Earth than normal and the lunar effects on the water, tides and our emotions are amplified. Just because we can’t see her, doesn’t mean we won’t be feeling the effects of the supermoon.

Depending on your location and timezone, this New Moon could fall on August 1st for you, but it still holds the same energy of a Black New Moon, so don’t feel like you missed it.

Two New Moons in one month happens roughly every 3 years or so. They help us shift and breath through barriers that were holding us back. They offer us ability to use our new perspective to move forward. Almost like acting as a second chance for us to get up and claim our new path after such an intense month…

we will all be feeling a breath of fresh air after this New Moon!

This New Moon marks the end of the Summer Eclipse season, helping us to integrate the major karmic lessons of the month prior. This last month presented us with many opportunities to find lessons through the chaos, but thankfully much of that intense energy will settle as Mercury goes direct shortly after the New Moon.

We are also celebrating the Sabbat of Lammas around this time! This is the celebration of the first harvest and marks the another turn in the Wheel of the year.

In the second half of this month, Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury all enter Virgo. This will help us see things a bit more clearly in many areas of our lives.The shifts this month will help clear up some of that chaotic and dark energy that was stirred up in July. We will be able to move forward and claim our true power with clear intent.

In many ways, this New Moon will be helpling the dust settle around us so that we can step forward and fully integrate the lessons that came up during this Eclipse season. The cycle ahead looks to be a bit smoother than last months, but still holds potential to deliver the unexpected! One a month, using our planners and our decks, we look to the stars and moon phases to put together the Moonthly energy report!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

Grab a cup of iced coffee and read on to see what this New Black Moon has in store for you!

New Moon in Leo

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

A New Moon is typically a time for reflection and introspection. Your heightened intuition is showing you the way towards starting something new.

This New Moon on the 31st of July is asking you to listen to your inner voice so you can begin to express it physically.

Grab your Tune to the Moon planner and try out the Leo spread for direction on where to focus your intention and energy right now if you are wondering where to turn.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The fiery sign of Leo’s influence during this New Moon is helping us find our authentic self and voice so that we can rise to our full potential. If you’ve had your power taken from you recently, you are beginning to step into it more and more. Leo wants to help.

Leo is the Hero of the deck, and is a reminder that often times, the only one who truly knows what you want and need is you. The New Moon in Leo helps us recognize that we need to be our own hero right now. You are the hero of your story and it’s okay to ask yourself what kind of things you desire and need.

It is also important to affirm yourself and work to develop leadership skills, like self-confidence, and innovation right now. You might be asked to step up and lead others this week. Don’t shy away from the light.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

This New Moon can help us integrate many of the changes that were made during the last month so we can step into our true power.

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. RIght now we are being are asked to be bold, bright and to shine this week. You might even feel encouraged to take greater risks when the moon is in Leo depending on your birth chart.

This New Moon asks you to take leadership and be confident in yourself and your abilities when creating your intentions moving forward this month. A new path is working to unfold in ways that you can’t even imagine! Open yourself up to the possibilities and allow yourself to ask for what you want.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The 1st of August is also Lammas or Lughnassadh the sabbat celebrating the first harvest. The word 'Lammas' is derived from 'loaf mass' showing us the importance of the harvest, honoring cycles, and the turn of the wheel. It is also this time that the veil between realms begins to thin.

Last year we had a ritual making corn dollies. This year the sabbat falls closer to the New Moon where we focus on intentions and divination.

It’s still a good idea to celebrate this sabbat! Head over to last years blog to read about making your own corn dolly! Or make some homemade bread topped with herbs from your garden. Setting up a set up an altar welcoming in the last months of summer is also a great way to honor this sabbat!

Mercury goes direct on the 2nd of August which will really help us all feel like a breath of fresh air is pouring in. This last retrograde caused some big lessons to show up in some loud ways. It’s important to integrate them during this time. Allow the past to fully be released. Journal back on the lessons you learned and the situations that came up and challenge yourself to move forward.

If people or things are surprisingly cut from or introduced into your life during this time, trust that it serves its own purpose!

Mercury has a way of showing us what isn’t working so that we can either fix it or end it… now that it is going direct, we will be able to see this from a higher perspective so we can make the changes that are needed. Keep this in mind as you write your intentions for this cycle ahead!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Gibbous, Manifest. You are close to the peak of your manifestation cycle and your goals are almost to completion. This card is a reminder that you already have everything within you in order to reach your goals and desires. You have the ability and resources within and around you to manifest your dreams right now.. What is truly stopping you from realizing this? What emotions are getting in the way right now? Belief in your magick and gifts is so vital right now. In order to manifest, you need to know that you are worthy of your desires. Know what it is you want and then feel worthy to have it.

The Crystal Companion this week is Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz magnifies all the energy of other stones as well as your emotions. It is the universal healing stone. Perfect for use in grids. Point the stones outward to rid of negativity and releasing. Point the stones inward towards the center to activate and absorb the nourishing healing effects of Quartz. Expands intuition and helps strengthen intuition and your connection to the divine.

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

The First Quarter Moon takes place on August 7th in the sign of Scorpio. When the moon is waxing, we tend to feel our own energy begin to increase. We tend to feel ready for action and motivated to complete our tasks. Scorpio might be asking you to slow down and listen to your intuition, and to double check everything before you begin this week.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

Scorpio energy can present us with an emotionally difficult time if we aren’t careful or prepared. Our intuition is heightened, and emotions tend to be a little more powerful during a Scorpio moon, so it can be hard to read your intuition… but don’t let this stand in your way of accomplishing your goals this week!

Your spirits will begin to lift this week as the Sun trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. This will infuse your life with positivity and optimism. It feels like anything is possible or will at least have a positive outcome, so set your sights high.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance was retrograde since April 10th. It’s placement in Sagittarius shines a light of optimism into your life, especially your work or career path. This is also helping you see where you need to improve your understanding of others as well as the need to broaden your horizons when it comes to the emotions and history of others.. This is all about connecting you to your higher education and deepening your sense of spirituality.

Venus trine Jupiter will also help ensure good vibes coming your way. A positive and even lucky aspect, this is the week to try something that you’ve never done before.

Now direct Mercury enters Leo on the 11th of August which will help you express yourself in the way you may have been meaning to all along. Leo helps us find our voice and Mercury the planet of communication is helping us discover not only what we want to say, but how we want to say it. You may have been searching for the words or the way to express your heart for some time now, Mercury in Leo will help you make the connections so you can finally let it out.

Mercury in Leo reminds you how important it is to express your heart and your needs. Too often we ignore our own needs for the needs of others. Leo is here to remind you to focus on you! You don’t need to hold any aspect of yourself back as the universe is encouraging you to be authentic and honest with yourself and others. If you aren’t honest about what you want, how can the universe deliver?

On August 12th, Uranus goes retrograde until January 1st 2020. Uranus shows us the importance of financial security and freedom. This retrograde shows us the need to strive for financial freedom and self sufficiency. Uranus will be retrograde for the rest of the year, a slower planet has a more subtle effect on us, but you will still feel a call towards preparation and action. Listen to your intuition!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The First Quarter Moon week will have you feeling good and ready for some movement. We have a lot of movement in the sky again this week, but luckily the movements and retrogrades are optimistic and key towards planning our futures. Visualize the best that can happen for you and you will soon see it realize!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The card pulled for this week is Waning Gibbous, Guidance. If you’ve been searching for answers to your questions, the answers lie within. Reminder that the more you tune to the inward currents of your soul, the unnecessary fusses, trivial complains and vain societal beliefs will start to disappear from your path. The guidance you need is no longer driven by your ego now. If you are seeking guidance, ask your higher self and spirit guides to show you the way. The will reveal messages in the way your soul will understand. This might mean your will meet new teachers, or you may have more visual or memorable dreams. Look for the symbols in your dreams and everyday life. There are divine messages from your guides in the day-to-day life you keep looking for them. Remember, you might also be playing the guiding role in someone else’s life right now. Be sure to be leading from the higher self. Ask for help when you need it. Connect to your spirit guides… ask that you are puth into alignment with those you can learn from and those who can learn from you.

The crystal companion for this week is Rutilated Quartz. Rutilated quartz is very high energy! This stone connects you to your primal and spiritual intuition, merging the two so your instincts become sharp for any situation. Rutile is an amplifying stone along with Clear Quartz so they pack a powerhouse of energy and support to the wearer.

Full Corn Moon in Aquarius

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The warmth of the summer sun is shining down on the first harvest. Your bounty is at hand.

The seeds you have sowed and tended since the Seed Moon are now maturing. The Corn Moon invites you to receive the abundance you have been devoted to for so long.

Happy Full Corn Moon!

Abundance is yours if you are only open to receiving it and truly knowing you are worthy of it! There is a humbleness and a gratitude in the receiving of it. Spend time out in nature and you will witness the harvest and bounty all around you. This is the cycle of Gaia and the Moon.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

This Full Corn Moon in Aquarius takes place on the 15th of August. This is the moment of fruition, but it will not last forever. The cycle will wane again, so now is your chance to receive your abundance and relax into gratitude.

The Corn Moon and Lammas mark the turn of the Wheel of the Year when the veil between the worlds begins to thin… but there is still Summer abundance out there for you to enjoy before the cold months return.

Spend time outside this week enjoying the warm summer sun while it still shines. This Full Moon reminds us that the summer months will not last. Soak in the abundance available to you and make the most of it. This is the time of the first harvest, meaning a time when we are both productive and able to see the fruit of our hard work.

If you are focusing on lack in your life you will not be able to notice or appreciate the abundance around you. You will not be able to manifest your desires until you can shift your perspective. It’s easy to get stuck in a place of lack when that’s all you see, especially if you you are busy taking care of the needs of others, but this week, your concern is not what makes others happy, but what makes you happy! Watch your thoughts, follow your emotions, and remember that words are spells. Only speak out what you want to manifest.

The Full Moon can act as a trigger point to help you break into new territory here. You are able to tear down the walls that block you from your abundance with the new perspective this Full Moon offers.

Don’t forget to check back here for the Full Moon ritual with this in mind!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon
New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

This Full Moon and the days around it might be packed with surprises.There is a need to expect the unexpected and go with the flow this week!

On the 18th of August, Mars enters Virgo which can really help us get our plans and goals into action. Mars in Virgo can help you create a system or a routine to help you knock off tasks on your to-do list. If you’ve had a hard time coming up with a plan, Virgo will help you focus on the details and make sense out of things that may have been confusing before.

On the 21st of August, Venus enters Virgo as well which will help us see things in a more practical way. This also helps you to become more in tune with the specific needs or your partner as well as yourself. This might shift some of the focus from yourself to the needs of others this week, but don’t overstep any boundaries you drew the week before! We will be given a shift in perspective during this time that can help you see your partners needs from a new approach.

This is a great week to focus on budgets, organization and productivity as Mars rules action and Venus rules the things that you value most.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Crescent, Awareness. This Full Moon is causing the energy to pick up right now. You might be receiving more messages, or you might see many different options ahead of you right now. Things are shifting right now. It’s important to remain flexible at this time and open your awareness. You can begin by accepting what you can and cannot control control. Acceptance is the first step, then your awareness will branch out and show you the paths and options ahead. Become aware of your personal energy flow and follow your intuition when it comes to making a decision. Be sure it supports your visions and desires. You won’t make fear based decisions if you can be in tune with your true desires.

The Crystal Companion for this week is Pyrite. Pyrite is often called “fool’s gold” but don’t let this fool you! Pyrite is a very powerful ally. It will help boost your confidence and increase your sense of abundance. Pyrite aligns your actions with success, so you can manifest the best outcomes and align yourself with success and prosperity.

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

On the 23rd of August, the Moon joins Mars and Venus in the sign of Virgo, the Healer.

After last week’s Full Moon, this next lunar week might begin to feel a little intense! The Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus are now in Virgo with Mercury joining them there at the end of the week.

Virgo isn’t an emotionally intense sign by any means, but there is a tendency to find fault or be overly critical. You might find this to be the case in several areas of your life right now! This can cause us to feel restless, impatient or even critical of ourselves and others.

Channel any anxiousness or restlessness into constructing routine that will help you organize your life and clear your mind this week.

Give your body high vibrational foods straight from Gaia. Eating the healthy bounty from mother earth will help shift the energy in your body and expand your mind and spirit.

Virgo is known as the Healer of the deck, it is of the Earth element, and reminds us to listen to our physical body! When the moon is in Virgo, our bodies are more susceptible to lower grade foods, drugs and alcohol. It is easier to overdose when the moon is in Virgo, so it is especially important to listen to your body’s needs this week.

On the 23rd of August, the Sun moves into the Sign of Virgo as well which will help you feel even more productive. This will help you focus on the details of your life, shining light into areas of your life that need the most attention. Remember to not be critical over yourself if you discover areas in need of improvement!

On the 29th of August, Mercury joins the others in Virgo. This improves your critical thinking skills, and helps you deliver them in a natural and easy way. It’s still important to be aware of how you come across to others this week. Virgo wants us to micromanage and help make all the little details work, but self sabotage via the inner critic could be a temptation this month. Go easy on yourself and others. Remember, they have an inner critic too!

It’s a great month to focus on yourself and the things in your life that need healing. This is a good month to get organized and to do the detail work you might have been avoiding. Set clear intention this week for a higher quality of living, healthy routine and better focus on organization and you will soon be feeling on top of the world.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon
New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The card pulled for this week is Waning Gibbous, Surrender. The Moon holds sway over the currents of all the waters on earth. We are the same percentage of water as the earth is, meaning she also guides the currents of waters within our bodies. Together they weave the emotional pathways within. When you are in an emotionally stable place, the pathways are clear. Not every pathway will always run clear and smooth. In those times you must relax and surrender, trusting that the current will carry you through. There is a deep peace in surrender. The moon reminds us that everyone and everything ebbs and flows. All phases will run their course and the cycle of life will continue. Find peace and a deep inner knowing that the tides will shift in your favor again.

The Crystal Companion for this week is Green Jade. Jade is a powerful healing heart stone. Green jade open the heart chakra and emotional body to more joy and helps you truly embrace the present moment as a gift. Jade has long been known as a dream stone, bringing in love and nourishment while you sleep. It is also a wonderful abundance stone. The more your heart is open, the more you will be able to receive.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

This New Moon cycle holds so much optimism and opportunity. The New Moon in Leo wants to help you regain your voice and express your ideas in a healthy and even profitable way, while the Full Corn Moon wants you to step into your abundance fully by helping you break past any barriers that are holding you back. The planets shifting into Virgo towards the end of the month will help you shift your own perspective so you can focus on organizing your life and making the perfect routine that will help you realize your goals.


Don’t forget to set an intention for tonight’s New Moon. It’s also the perfect night for clearing and cleansing your crystals and decks under the window or with your herbal cleansing wand from last month’s ritual!